Working on Wellbeing is an employment training and support programme for disabled people in Wales. We will work with you to develop a programme around your career goals and how you can achieve them.

At Disability Can Do, we have a mixture employability support available to suit your career goals, ranging from structured group sessions to 1-1 tailored support, for disabled people who are ready to explore their employment journey, but may need some support to help build their skills & confidence. 

Working on Wellbeing will support you to:

  • understand your career goals
  • grow in confidence, assertiveness and independence
  • write your CV
  • develop your interview skills
  • find and apply for volunteering, training or employment opportunities
  • talk about disability in the workplace

Our specialist employment advisers will talk with you to discuss the support you need. You’ll have regular sessions with your adviser and may be offered group training sessions. 

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