Thank you to the patients that participated in recent survey undertaken, 400 questionnaires were completed a summary of outcome listed below: -

Key Points

  91% had accessed services within last 6 months

76% felt they were listened to

0%   requested to speak in Welsh

83% felt the time waited to use services was about right

79% felt well cared for

89% agreed had assistance when needed

65% sometimes had understanding and involvement in care

71% usually understood what was explained

84% always involved in decision about care

62% gave the practice score of 10 for overall experience, 6% rated below 5.

31% of patients stated health problem/disability limited day-to-day activities

99% Heterosexual

72% Welsh ethnic group

Summary of comments: -

  • Listen to people, explore/understand what is going in people lives.
  • Reception staff are always helpful & try to navigate you to the appropriate person.
  • The care was for my baby, seen very quickly & as many times as I felt I needed – thank you
  • Online 24hr EConsult was appreciated as I work different hours although this was not available for my current appointment
  • More doctors’ appointments
  • Nursing staff very professional
  • Waiting to long in waiting room
  • Homes Visits for disabled patients
  • Surgery is providing excellent service.
  • Living in Rhymney but have been asked to attend New Tredegar where there is a quicker time to see someone – WHY??
  • Stop sending patients to chemist, prefer to see GP
  • Seeing nurse to assess may not be the best, prefer to see GP
  • Waste of time going to Pharmacy for problem
  • More appts with GP rather than phone calls
  • Listen to patients instead of fobbing them off, sometimes feel like not getting anywhere
  • I can imagine the strain GP’s & Nurses are under, but some could brush up on people skills sometimes.
  • Always get prompt response, able to speak with GP on the day.
  • Access can be very complicated
  • Mental health nurse Emma has been amazing
  • Good experience which given the pressure currently was a great surprise.
  • Not happy to be told to contact physio without being seen
  • Best Dr’s I’ve ever been registered at
  • When child is unwell its always put down to viral
  • Make sure patient understand when booking appt its clear whether they have been booked for Rhymney or New Tredegar


Many complimentary comments regarding helpful, friendly reception staff, appreciate these comments as they often get verbally abused and are reflected in a negative manner.

Clinical staff professional, good access on the day after triage with prescription sent to pharmacy

EConsult service

Overall, a high number of compliments for the practice and staff which is refreshing


More time with GP

Pre booking of appointments

Diagnosing over the phone

Dissatisfaction with being signposted to Pharmacy for common ailments.