Minor Injury Units

Who can be treated at an MIU? 

Adults and children over one year old with a wide range of injuries can be treated at our Minor Injury Units (all children under one year old will need to go to The Grange University Hospital)

These Units are run by an experienced team of highly skilled specially-trained Emergency Nurse Practitioners, Triage Nurses and Health Care Support Workers. 

What treatments CAN be provided at an MIU? 

The following treatments can be provided at an MIU: 

•Access to x-rays 
•Wound closure including stitching and gluing 
•Application of dressings 
•Application of plaster casts, splints, strappings and slings 
•Reduction of minor joint dislocations 
•Removal of foreign bodies 
•Eye washouts 
•Administration of medication to treat the injury 
•Administration of tetanus vaccines for injuries only 

What CAN’T they treat at an MIU? 

Minor Injury Units cannot treat: 

• Colds, coughs, sore throats, earache, rashes, temperatures 
• Urinary infections, cystitis or catheter problems 
• Dental problems 
• Accident with injury to abdomen/ stomach 
• Abdominal pain 
• Chest pain 
• Collapse 
• Breathing problems 
• Stroke 
• Overdose and poisoning
• Mental health problems 
• Painful limbs, joints or backs (not caused by an injury) 
• Skin complaints including boils and rashes 
• Wounds that have not been caused during an accident 

Where is the nearest MIU?

You can find Minor Injury Units in our Health Board area at the following Hospitals: 

*Opening times may change subject to staffing pressures 

The Emergency Department

Emergency Hospital Services The Grange University Hospital provides Critical and Specialist Care to every resident living in the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board area. The hospital provides a centre of excellence to treat our seriously ill patients, or those with significant injuries, and is the designated trauma unit for our area.  

The Grange University Hospital is located on Caerleon Road in Llanfrechfa, Cwmbran NP44 8YN

You should only call 999 or direct to the Emergency Department in a real emergency. 

Please call 999 or advise to go straight to The Grange University Hospital for a life-threatening illness or serious injury, including:  

  • Severe breathing difficulties  
  • Severe pain or bleeding  
  • Chest pain or a suspected stroke  
  • Serious trauma injuries (eg. from a car crash)  

Choosing the right service in an emergency

If a person presents at the Royal Gwent, Nevill Hall or any of our other hospitals and they have a life-threatening illness or serious injury, they will need to be transferred to The Grange University Hospital.

Attending the wrong hospital with a life-threatening condition may put the person in more danger.  

If a person attends The Grange University Hospital with a minor injury or illness, they will be redirected to another hospital or service that is more appropriate for their needs. 

Children who require emergency treatment should go to The Grange University Hospital, where specialist children’s doctors and nurses will care for them.

Our local Minor Injury Units can treat children over 1 year old and are located at The Royal Gwent Hospital, Nevill Hall Hospital, Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr and Ysbyty Aneurin Bevan.

All children aged under 1 year need to be seen at The Grange University Hospital.